If you are thinking about buying a bike or scooter soon then you should know all relevant details of regarding the purchase. Even if you have sufficient funds to purchase the bike outright, you should consider a two-wheeler loan. While it may appear odd to use a loan even if you have adequate funds, you should at least consider the benefits offered by two-wheeler loans. Additionally, having surplus cash is always a benefit as you know never know when you might need it. So, what are the features of two-wheeler loans that offer you benefits that you would consider to incur two-wheeler loan interest rate?

Features of Two-wheeler Loans

Based on the face value, a two-wheeler loan may appear to be a liability. However, if managed effectively and efficiently, a bike loan can help you save money for a rainy day fund. The features of bike loan are:

  • Adequate tenure of loan
  • Manageable EMIs
  • Can be used to purchase secondhand bike or scooter
  • Two-wheeler loan interest rate are not very high
  • Exclusive deals with numerous dealers
  • Use EMI Calculator to know the exact amount of your EMIs.

Now you know the features of two-wheeler loans, but you still may feel that using cash is better. However, consider the fact that you will be able to decide the value of your EMIs. Additionally, the two-wheeler loan interest rate will be dependent on your credit score and annual income. Moreover, lenders often have business association with bike dealers; thus, you may be able to enjoy a discount or an accessory on your purchase.



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