If you are applying for a loan, one of the first steps for you should be to use a personal loan calculator. The loan calculator is highly beneficial as it provides you crucial insights into various aspects of a loan. The calculator requires some information on your part as well such as loan amount, tentative tenure, credit rating, income, etc. So, what results can you get from a loan calculator and what do they mean? Let’s find out:

Results of Personal Loan Calculator

One of the key points that you need to understand about loan calculator is that they are customizable. It means you can alter various aspects according your wish. It helps you in getting the best results according to your need. The following aspects will appear as results when you use the personal loan calculator:

EMI of Loan

The EMI of loan is one of the most important aspects as it is the amount that you owe to the lender each month. If you have entered all the relevant information as you desired, then you will see the EMI that is best for you.



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Personal Loan Interest Rate

The personal loan interest rate in the result is dependent on the information you provide to the loan calculator in addition to the EMI. It is the charge in percentage that is applied by the lender on the amount of loan borrowed by you.  

Tenure of the Loan

Tenure of the loan is the total duration of the loan. It will start one the loan amount is transferred to you and it will end once the repayment is complete.

There are other aspects that may be shown as results depending on the calculator you use. However, you need to remember that the three factors mentioned above are the most important and are interdependent.

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