I was slowly settling into my routine in Mumbai. The pleasant experiences of the city warmed up on me and I began enjoying my time here. The only hitch was the commute from local trains, which took a lot of time and drained my energy by end of the day. Moreover, I was asked to work on a project delivery assignment with nearing deadlines. After a while, it became too much to bear.

I decided to buy a bike to reduce the travel time and have a comfortable commute. I had my eyes on the best one possible bike within my budget. Hence, I decided to research the latest bikes in the market to make an informed decision.

Since I was going to use my bike to commute daily, I wanted one with an excellent mileage and fewer maintenance issues. With several websites offering comparisons and quotes, I began to research on bikes. As I learnt, there are several parameters that define the performance of a good bike.

What looks good may not sometimes be the best. I was glad I researched on some critical parameters. Here are some of parameters you may want to consider before buying a bike.

  • Mileage – This is the distance a bike can run on 1 litre of fuel.
  • Power – This refers to the cylinder capacity. If you are seeking a bike that gives great power, look into this feature before making your choice.
  • Displacement – Engine displacement is the volume through which the pistonpsiton or plunger moves as it makes a stroke. It is commonly specified in cubic centimetres, for instance a 500cc bike or a 750 cc bike.
  • Stroke – The engines in a bike are usually two-stroke or four-stroke internal combustions. Greater the value of the stroke, higher is the bike performance.
  • Ignition – Modern bikes today offer digital and advanced ignition system for an effortless start.

I trusted Zig Wheels, Bike Dekho and Reviews XP to further research and compare different bikes within my budget and shortlisted these three –

bikes within budget

Armed with these parameters on how you can judge the performance of a bike, visit the nearest showroom to see which test ride gives you the most satisfaction.

Read the next blog to know which bike I finally bought.