Let’s be real, loans can be tricky. They are a liability and come with a stipulated risk. But is that it? After all, they do let you fulfil your goals in life! They give you the wings to dream and achieve. And with the new guys on the block giving out instant loans online, things couldn’t have been easier! So why shy away?


Life is short..

Remember that trip you always wanted to take, or that Enfield Bullet bike you have had your eyes on, or the necklace you wanted to buy for your mom but never saved up for it. What is the right time to fulfil all this? The right time is, now. The thing with us millennials is that we always delay our decisions. May be we are too afraid to take big decisions, or are just pure lazy. But aren’t we just losing time by doing that?

Carpe Diem!, my friend. Who knows where will you be in the future? Why give up on the present? Instead, live in the present!

Money and Time

The mistake that we all do is we calculate our dreams in terms of money and not time. Let me explain. You are 25 and you want to go to that Ladakh road trip with your friends. But, you cannot afford it. So you decide to wait for another five years (in hope of getting a good job and saving that much) and decide that you would take the same trip then. Your friend on the other hand, takes a instant loan online from PaySense and goes on the trip.

Now, who is actually missing out on witnessing the serene blue lake and picturesque mountains? You really think you can take that road trip after five years, in the same set up, with the same set of friends? We hope you will be able to, but quite likely, it won’t materialize (Solo trip maybe? Read on). Life moves on, so do we. You will get older and more responsibilities will burden your shoulder. It would just become a forgotten chance few years down the line.

We keep missing out on moments that can become truly special. Moments which we could have cherished for life. Why don’t we take a step back, cool off and live this moment? Money comes back, time does not. So buy that bike and take that trip. Money will follow! Instant loans can be a ladder to your dreams. The right time is always ‘NOW’.

Word of Caution!

An important point to note here, while we would love to be the wind beneath your wings as you pursue your dreams, we strictly propagate financial prudence and discipline. No matter how big or small your loan amount is, it is a serious responsibility and you need to be aware of that. We do not encourage you to take loans just to fulfil your splurging habits. Loan is a serious business and we hope you are mature enough to understand that.

At PaySense, we understand the importance of financial health. Our way of helping you achieve financial wellness is by making access to credit super convenient and quick. Experience our instant loan today!