“Travel is never a matter of money but of courage.” says Paulo Coelho. Nothing exemplifies this statement more than Solo Travel! 

Once wanderlust bites you, there’s no going back! The only thing you will regret is that you didn’t start travelling sooner. If travelling is something that sets your soul on fire, why let anything stop you? Lack of money should be your last excuse! You can always travel on a budget. Or just get a quick short loan (more on this in a while)! 

If you have never thought about travelling solo, this post is for you! Solo travels help you explore yourself more, and what better thing to do in this world than knowing yourself? Read it all and start planning for your ticket to self-love!

How you ask? We have a few suggestions to make your solo travel totally worth it.

Make your solo travel totally awesome!

  1. Overcome the fear: First of all, overcome this fear of travelling alone. Surround yourself with only positive vibes. Nothing is going to go wrong. Just believe in yourself and embrace this experience of a lifetime. There is nothing like solo travel.
  2. Travel light: When you travel alone, it is you who is going to do all the lifting and carrying. So, be smart and carry only the essentials. Preferably one big bag pack and a small sling should be appropriate if you are going solo. Solo travel lightens your soul, don’t burden yourself with luggage!
  3. Look for a homestay: Most of the times, hotels are unnecessarily overpriced. So try looking for homestays, hostels or B&Bs. They have a lot of variety and are cheap as well. Hostels might also give you a chance to interact with other fellow travellers during your stay.
  4. Use public transport: Solo travellers are usually on a budget and using uber or taxi can be a bit over the top. Hence, rely on public transport as much as you can to roam around. It is cheap and well connected. You are sure to meet fellow solo travellers like you!
  5. Have your documents and itinerary saved on a cloud: Always have your passport, ID, tickets and other important documents emailed to your family or on iCloud. You never know something might get lost, it is better to have these things at your disposal.
  6. Book your first night stay in advance: Think of it this way, you are already tired from all the travelling, and now you just need a place to crash. So book your first-night stay so that you can enjoy the rest of your trip. Also, try looking for a stay that is nearer to the airport or has a pick-up service, airport taxis are usually expensive.
  7. Budget yourself well: If you are running low on budget, don’t shy away from taking a personal loan for travel. Solo travel is absolutely worth it. Travel loans at PaySense are instantaneous and easy. You can take a loan and go on that solo trip you had always been dreaming about.



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