2020 was a year associated with a lot of uncertainty and events which were unexpected. In an almost unanimous manner, 2020 has not only caused emotional, social and career oriented stress, it has heavily affected ones’ finances. Be it having to liquidate savings to tend to health emergencies or selling assets to save a failing business, 2020 has burdened every individual differently. 2021 does not have to be the same. We all have learnt to get acquainted with the hardships that 2020 threw on us and we are well equipped to counter it. Not only can we counter the hardships that were a result of the past year, but we can use the new year as a stepping stone to grow our personal financial strength.

PaySense provides a solution to ensure that 2021 is not a burden to any individual financially. PaySense provides a seamless and easy solution through the provision of personal loans through its online loan app. Not only is the application process extremely easy and hassle-free, an online loan app can ensure that financial needs are monitored, met with and planned for, both in the short term and the long term.

Below listed are some reasons as to why an instant personal loan is extremely helpful and is a financially healthy prospect.


  • It does not entail any collateral: While having to pay for the different financial contingencies that the last year threw at us, it is obvious to worry about our existing capital and assets. Not only can a personal loan waive off the burden of finance imbibed upon us by the past year but it also entails no collateral. Therefore there is no need for an individual to worry about losing out on any existing capital and savings that they hold as a collateral for applying for a personal loan through PaySense online loan app.
  • The application process is simple and the disbursement of the loan amount is instant: The Paysense online loan app provides a three-step process for applying for a personal loan. Once an individual has checked their eligibility criteria and filled in their documentation for KYC, all they have to do is wait for it to get approved. Once approved, the loan will be immediately disbursed to the account whose details an individual has provided and there on, they can use the loan amount to clear off any financial burden that the past year has provided them with.
  • The loan plan and repayment is entirely under the purview of the prospective borrower: The borrower can easily and effectively assess their risks before applying for an instant personal loan through an online loan app. They can choose the loan tenure and the amount they absolutely need to reduce financial burden. Once they have chosen this and post the approval of their credit line, they can choose an Easy Monthly Installment amount as per their need and absolutely as per their capability. This makes the repayment of an online personal loan extremely easy and a one stop solution for all the financial burdens that may have been incurred over the past year.
  • The needs which an instant personal loan provides for and tends to are multiple: There might have been instances where an individual has been hard-[pressed for money; health being the foremost last year. An instant personal loan, applied through an online loan app can tend to all and any contingencies. As also is previously mentioned, the repayment of an instant personal loan is extremely simple as an individual knows the EMI amount beforehand. An online loan app therefore can heed to all financial contingencies imposed to us by 2021, in an off-chance; an instant personal loan can help us combat such a situation with finesse.


Apart from the aforementioned, an online loan app also helps individuals to keep their daily and monthly finances in check. Below mentioned are certain ways in which an online loan app can help manage daily finances.


  • Monitoring and budgeting monthly finances: An individual can monitor their finances effectively by providing their financial inflows and outflows as inputs. Once the app has analysed the inputs the app can help create a monthly budget and help an individual stick to the, thus helping them keep their future finances secure.
  • Automating fixed costs: An individual can automate their fixed costs using an online loan app by setting standing instructions within the app. This can help an individual better plan their daily budgeting and focus on the variable costs which they incur on a monthly and daily basis.
  • Structuring their monthly budget in terms of requirements: Every individual has different needs when it comes to daily finances. An online loan app helps structure those needs, If one stream of expenses is higher for an individual, an online loan app helps them guide and constraint expenses on other fronts. This helps an individual to be more viable and secure in the future and especially will help them plan within uncertain times like these.

Apart from providing an instant personal loan, an online loan app can also help an individual to manage their budget. Due to such multipurpose advantages, an online loan app can not only de-stress an individual from the financial burdens heaped upon by the year 2020, it can also help an individual to be better prepared to not only be financially secure but to also grow their capital in the year 2021!