Emergencies and desires don’t come in life as per our pocket’s size. But the way banks operate suggest something else. If you have ever been in need of money for medical emergencies, or travelling or just buying a new home appliance, and applied for a personal loan traditionally, you’d know.

Most banks and NBFCs have their own criteria for approving a loan – the foremost of which is a person’s salary. For someone who’s just begun working, the entry-level salaries are highly competitive and disappointingly low. Without fail, most banks reject such loan applicants, given their negligible credit history and low salary.

At such times, an instant personal loan application like PaySense, comes in handy. In fact, at PaySense, we make sure that lack of credit history or lower salary groups don’t get side-lined in times of need. Our users testify it too.

For instance, Turlapati Sathyanarayana Rao says, “I have received my loan through PaySense and I am quite happy with their excellent customer service. Initially I was in a dilemma about online loan apps but you guys proved me wrong. You guys have helped me in my crunch time and I am thankful to you. Please continue this service as it helps many low income salaried individuals. Thank you!”



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Another user Ranjan HS recommends us over traditional banks – “Excellent Service. Better than Banks …easy documentation and less paper works and team is also very supportive. I would suggest go for this app instead of any banks for loans.”

Another positive factor that we offer is a comparatively lower interest rate. As Kaushal Kumar mentions, “Thanks for your support.  Actually, I had tried many times to apply for the same loan amount through various banks but they were charging high rate of interest, so it was difficult to avail the amount for me. Then I saw PaySense at my Facebook page and when I applied, just literally done the loan application processed very soon and they had very affordable rate of interest. Another reason to go with PaySense was that I completed my loan application without giving any hard copies and my loan was disbursed to my bank account within 3 days. Thanks PaySense for helping me.”

And yet another user, Anurag Sharma said something that had us crying tears of joy, “Keep up the great work you guys are doing by helping the people in need. There are hundreds of financial institutions offering loan but PaySense is different. You are fast, efficient, instant and above all, you have got humanly approach where you treat your customers like an individual, not as a LOAN NUMBER.”

Honestly, when we started out, this satisfaction and trust of our users was all that we aimed for. And we still strive to go a step further, every single day. It’s not just you guys that we are helping to fulfill your dreams and responsibilities. You guys are equally helping us to fulfill our dreams by trusting us.