The festival of lights has always had a special place in our hearts. It is not just a festival for us but an occasion of coming together and coming to our roots and traditions. After all the hype caused by the possibility of a third wave, things are finally getting more normal than ever before. And the stage is all set for Indians to celebrate Diwali 2k21 in full swing.

However, when there is a festival, there are expenses. A string of big and small festivals like Dhanteras, Diwali, and Bhai Dooj can be heavy on your wallet. 

It is considered auspicious to buy jewelry, vehicles, and other items on Dhanteras. In addition, people buy new clothes, gifts, and sweets on Diwali and go out for family dinners on Bhai Dooj. All this festive spending can run over your monthly budget. In such a time, you can turn to funds from alternative sources; you can consider taking a personal loan.

Festive spending can often get out of hands

As you too might recollect from previous festive seasons, the expenses resulting from festivals often end up overshooting one’s budget. One reason for that can be inflation that keeps biting off your savings. If you fail to save or budget during the year, these festive expenses can feel like a burden, dampening a festive mood.

However, certain festive expenses are essential and need to be funded. Thankfully, a personal loan can help you enjoy the special moments of festive occasions you like. For example, you can buy a new fridge or TV with a consumer durable loan or refurbish your home with a home renovation loan. 

Personal loans are better than credit cards as they are available at a better interest rate. A short tenure personal loan repayable in a few months is one of the best alternatives for your festive spending.

Give your home a nice makeover this festive season

Are you looking to remodel your home this festive season? Then don’t let the high cost of renovation stop you from doing so. Whether you want to get your home painted or want to get it remodeled by adding some modular furniture, home renovation loans can help you do it all.

Here are the things for which you can avail a home renovation loan:

  1. If you just want to do the regular maintenance of your home, like repairing water leakages, you can use a home renovation loan. Keep in mind that the festive season is an auspicious time to give your home a much-needed makeover.
  2. On the other hand, if you want to do a comprehensive renovation of your home to make it clean and well-decorated, go for a personal loan for home renovation. Remodel everything from the entrance of your home to your bedroom with a home renovation loan.
  3. Or is it that you just want to remodel a single area like your pooja room or living room? Refurbish and decorate your pooja room and make it look elegant for upcoming religious festivals. Or construct a new modular wardrobe in your bedroom. 
  4. A fresh coat of paint can single-handedly give your home a new look. Refresh your walls with fresh premium colours and give your home a more inviting look. With increased funds, shop for better and exotic colours such as satin or metallic and give your walls a festive cheer.  
  5. The festival of light can’t be complete without adding some lights to the exteriors of your home. Play with lights as much as you want with a home renovation loan. Before different festive celebrations, replace old lighting fixtures and invest in new lighting to brighten your home. If you wish to bring home an elegant contemporary chandelier or invest in fancy premium lights this festive season, the choice is entirely yours to make.

Diwali and other festivals give you a chance to make your home more beautiful, so do that and live in a beautiful home throughout the year. Make the best investment this festive season and renovate your home. Avail a home renovation loan from PaySense now. 

Ready to bring home some useful new white goods?

Diwali is the time when retailers, whether online or offline, offer the most significant discounts and deals. Isn’t it? That is why Diwali is the best time to buy a smartphone, a laptop, or a refrigerator. So fill your home with prosperity this festive season by buying the best home appliances and electronic gadgets. 

Make big-ticket purchases such as furniture, electronics, or white goods like a washing machine or an AC this festive season by taking a consumer durable loan


In the festive season, you not only get the best discounts on goods and apparel, but you also get discounts on personal loan interest rates. So, the festive season is the best time to buy things you love. Besides, you also get other benefits like the convenience of availing loans online and speedy disbursals when using an online personal loan app

Light a few more lamps and bring a few more happiness to your home this Diwali. Take personal loans from PaySense to make your Diwali even brighter.