As easy as this may sound, getting wrapped up in the excitement of moving out for the first time can be tedious if it is not planned well. Maybe, you are heading to college or moving beyond dorm life – to find an apartment. Rent! Landlords! Bills!

Suddenly all the excitement turns into stress and you have a lot of things to manage and get intact. Moving out for the first time is a big step into adulthood and when you are planning to do that, it is advised to plan the new chapter of your life.

To tackle all the odds, you must be organised, plan a budget, stick to it, and stay on top of all the necessary chores required. While all this is important, it is must to do some homework too. Living an independent life requires a lot of effort and whether you are moving for the first time or often packing your bags, the process is stressful and can take a toll even on the best of planners.

Moving out is a part of life, and isn’t necessarily simple for everyone. There are some easy ways to pack and unpack, reduce the workload and make the process a little smoother than it might be otherwise. Getting prepared before you start packing will help facilitate an easier move for you. These are a few things to keep in mind before you move out for the first time.



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  • Call utility companies

Once you know that you are moving out, call the utility companies to set everything up, because once you get busy with other chores of the house or work, it is easy that you miss an all-important task. It is recommended to tackle this immediately as you get to know your new address and you are sure to get this out of your way sooner than later. 

  • Find the right mover

If you are not aware of where to hire the right professional mover from, use an online site such as porter’s to find movers near you that are already known for quality and reliability. Just ensure that you speak and get quotes from a few companies to get the best price that suits your budget needs. 

  • Set a budget

Moving can be expensive, and if you do not have a budget planned, you may end up spending a lot. Take advantage of the moving cost calculators online or maybe friends/family who have moved before to figure out how much you will need to spend while shifting out. 

While the above can help you start building a concrete plan and is initially the first step towards moving on your own, read through some more tips. With a little focus and a few fairly easy hacks, it won’t seem quite a daunting task. So, read on as we bring you the essential hacks for moving out for the first time; out of the home.

  • Get your finances in place

When you live at home, you have some kind of safety net. Now that you are moving out, it takes a lot more responsibility on your own. You will need to have a better understanding of budget, finances and how everything works. Although moving out for the first time can be fun, adhering to the steps is important. 

Step 1: Keep a track of your monthly income and note your expenses – where you are spending more often than you should be. Start making note of your grocery, bills and other utility payments. This will help you break down and understand how much money you need to spend vs keep aside. 

Step 2: Plan, make a budget and stick to it. While making a budget, do consider the costs included in hiring packers and movers, rentals and other related costs. 

Step 3: Determine and keep aside some budget to spend on the purchases you will have to make after you have moved to a new apartment. Also note, that you will have to keep aside some cash for rents, bills and so on.

  • Hold on to your steady job

If you already are working, it is advised to hold on to the job while you are making decisions of starting on your own. Starting at an entry-level position in a workplace should not discourage you, instead use your current job to focus on building the talent and skills that will help you become ambitious and plan wisely for the future. However, it is best to note that your current job must cover the rent, and other basic utilities while you are considering moving out. If it does not cover the basics, it may not be the right time for you to move out.

  • Find a suitable place

When considering moving out for the first time, it is advised to narrow down some options to find a suitable place for you to live. There are many places – apartments, studios to look for online, so find the one that suits your budget too. During your hunt for the right house, look for a great rental with a clear price range and desired location. No matter what, stick to your rent budget as it will help you save as well.

You may also consider getting a house near your workplace and also near a gym, park or a good grocery store. Most importantly, consider how well the location is connected by good public transport which can help you save up a lot of payments involved with getting a car

  • Hire good professional movers and packers

To move comfortably, one has to do it right! In order to move professionally and not spend extra over the things you want to move around, consider hiring a professional moving company which will be hassle-free and make the moving pretty easy.

You have enough to worry about the other details, so make sure that the movers and packers have a good experience in handling your first move. This way, you not only save on the finances but also make sure that you get a good deal and protection on moving your belongings.

  • Get the beastly bills in place

When you have moved, do not get caught up in the unexpected bills that come your way. Firstly, check about the tenancy agreement with your landlord so you understand the payments of the rent cycle. Secondly, make sure you set a fixed budget & keep aside the money every month. Thirdly, compare where you can best source the groceries that suit your budget too. Shop around accordingly to save up as much as you can. You can also consider online shopping to get the best deals.

Moving out is fun and exciting, but requires a lot of responsibility. Whether you are moving locally or across the country, these five basic steps out of your parents’ home can help you move at ease. So, step up, take control of yourself and the decision to make, and be smart and savvy!

Aahna Gandhi

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