Diwali is the best time of the year for everyone in India. It is the best for many things like coming together as a family to celebrate an annual festival, wearing new clothes, having family dinners, giving each other gifts, lighting crackers, and of course, buying new stuff.

Let me tell you why a festive season is the best time to buy things. Festival like Diwali is the best time to buy stuff because most people buy stuff during that time. And as a majority of the Indian population pull out their wallets in festive times, brands and retailers offer considerable discounts to attract customers to buy their goods.

Why is buying two-wheelers during the festive season smart?

You see, the equation is simple. The more the people are willing to spend, the more competition among sellers and the more things are available at dirt-cheap prices.

The equation applies to the two-wheeler segment as well. And that is why, during a festival such as Diwali, you’d see a slew of festive offers on two-wheeler loans on newspaper fronts. Not just that, the two-wheeler brands’ ads are all over the place.

Automotive manufacturers know that people come out to buy two-wheelers during festivals like Dussehra and Diwali. So, they offer excellent offers for customers to take home scooters and motorbikes at the best prices. 

If you are looking to move around independently, you might want to do so in style. You can buy your dream two-wheeler in the festive season by availing a two-wheeler loan.

Customers wait for the festive season to buy two-wheelers

An average Indian customer knows that buying a two-wheeler during a festive season is the most beneficial. And so, she waits for the months from September to November to choose the perfect two-wheeler in India. Festive months see a spike in two-wheeler offers, loans, and sales.

Many of the customers consider buying two-wheelers on specific auspicious dates during the festive season. And so, there can be a waiting period at two-wheeler showrooms during festivities.

Reasons why the festive season is the best time to buy your new two-wheeler

Let us understand what precisely makes the festive season the most suitable time to buy two-wheelers. Below are some of the reasons why:

  • You can choose from many new two-wheeler launches

Bike manufacturers often plan their year around festive sales. And so, many new two-wheeler launches happen just before the festive season. Two-wheeler brands like Bajaj Auto, TVS Motor, Hero MotoCorp, Royal Enfield, KTM, Suzuki, etc., launch their brand-new vehicles during festivals. Many manufacturers even upgrade their best-selling models with digital consoles and innovative colour schemes and make them available during the festive season.

So, festive occasions are the best time to buy your dream ride.

  • You get the best deals and discounts on your two-wheeler purchase

Keeping in mind the demand for two-wheelers, the dealerships offer the most rewarding discounts on bikes during the festive season. Even two-wheeler brands provide gift vouchers and extra discounts. Most of the desired two-wheeler brands in the country offer rewarding deals on the purchase of two-wheelers.

You can access offers like opening deals, free accessories, pre-launch offerings, exchange deals, loyalty exchange bonuses, attractive vouchers, and discounts on your purchase of a two-wheeler.

  • You get attractive offers on your two-wheeler loan from lenders

Moreover, even finance companies offer competitive interest rates on two-wheeler loans. You can benefit from both the festive discounts offered by dealers and financiers while buying your new two-wheeler. Online two-wheeler loan providers offer flexible tenure so that you can choose a term to manage your monthly expenses. Buy the best selling two-wheeler models at best offers and attractive financing offers. 

While purchasing the two-wheeler of your choice during the festive season, make sure you get attractive financing deals.

  • You get two-wheeler loans at low interest rates

Many lenders offer special discounted interest rates on two-wheeler loans during the festive season to bolster consumption. In addition, lenders provide offerings like more relaxed loan eligibility criteria, waivers on processing charges, etc., during the festive period.

Financial institutions often go the extra mile and offer substantial savings, cash back, and discounts to help you make big purchases. Festive seasons like Diwali are the time when financial establishments offer their special loan offerings. 


With an easy and quick loan application process and minimal documentation, availing a two-wheeler personal loan becomes even easier. And options like flexible EMIs and special interest rates make purchasing a two-wheeler of your choice way easier. 


Have you decided on the bike of your dreams yet? If yes, then wait no more. There is no better time to purchase two-wheelers than festive seasons like Diwali. Opt for a two-wheeler loan from PaySense today.