During emergency, you can apply for a credit card loan. If you manage to get a 0% interest credit card loan, then applying for a credit card loan is not bad at all.

However, credit card loans are expensive as the interest rates are much higher than personal loans. The credit card loan is known as ‘revolving debt’ as your limit of loan keeps on increasing. The more you spend and repay the money, your credit limit increases. In credit card loans, you purchase first without even thinking that you have to repay a much higher amount to the lender. So, the burden keeps on increasing.

To reduce the burden and your interest rates, you can repay your credit card loan with the help of a personal loan. Though a personal loan is also an unsecured loan and the interest rate is high, it is cheaper than a credit card loan. So, it will be a wise decision to repay the credit card debt with a personal loan.

Payment of credit card debt with a Personal Loan can be a good option. Personal loans will carry the most significant benefits if you’re currently paying high-interest rates on multiple credit card accounts –

1. A comparatively lower rate of interest

An individual with a Personal Loan primarily if the credit card debt is high and unmanageable. However the rate of interest on a Personal Loan is not certain which depends on various factors like creditworthiness, credit history, loan amount, and so forth. It is highly recommended to understand the terms and conditions of Personal Loan lender taking into consideration your present debt situation in detail before considering a cad balance transfer.

2. Just a single payment

When a person is under credit card debt, it can be extremely cumbersome and chaotic to manage due dates and payments across multiple card companies. Hence moving from multiple card payments to a single Personal Loan EMI can simplify the process.

Hence moving debt from multiple credit cards to a single Personal Loan can simplify the process of debt payoff.

3. Helps clear your debt with a certainty

In case of going for a Personal Loan for debt payoff; there is a fixed rate of interest, a fixed monthly installment and a fixed repayment period. The outstanding loan will reduce regularly in a planned fashion which will eventually lead to reduced debt burden and more financial stability.


If in any case you land yourself in credit card debt trap, then taking a personal is your best way out.



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