If you have ever availed a loan, then you know that applying for a loan, despite being complicated, is easier than managing the loan and repayment. One of the reasons why this is true in most cases is because you may not have used tools such as an EMI calculator before applying for the loan. While you may think that an EMI calculator is just beneficial in calculating EMI, then you clearly do not know its full benefits. So, what are its benefits? Let’s check them out

Benefits of Calculators for EMI

The one benefit that you are definitely aware of is the calculation of EMI. You may also know the EMI calculation formula used by the calculator. However, you ought to know that the calculator can be used to manage your loans in a better manner. It can be used to calculate aspects such as interest rate and tenure of the loan that suit you the best. If you have used a calculator then you know that you can change the values of various aspects in the calculator. This enables you to find the perfect interest rate, tenure, EMIs, and other important aspects related to the loan. Additionally, you don’t even have to change calculators for different types of loans, even though the EMI calculation formula is different for different loans. Moreover, it can also provide insights into loan eligibility as it requires information such as your income and credit rating.



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