Good friends are unconditional, low-maintenance and hassle-free. They do not leave you waiting, guessing and standing stressed when you need them. Just like a good emergency loan.

Holding a cup of coffee. Right there by my side. Not burdening me with questions. Silent and supportive.

That’s who he was – back then when I was 5, crying over a bruised knee in the park (although he did not carry any coffee then). That’s who he, still, is – right now when I am 23, chewing my nails about what is going on in the Doctor’s room where Mom’s blood-reports are being discussed.

Just a few hours back, I was happily planning another carefree Friday night. My friends and I were going to celebrate my new bike. Did I tell you that I had paid its first EMI this week? It is not too fancy a bike but it is a big deal for me.  It is my very own vehicle, after all. Earned all through my 18,000 p.m. salary. Personal loans for salaried people change not just their transport-options but their self-esteem too. So, yeah, I took a quick look in the mirror as a voice inside me said, “Armaan, you are rocking it all!” We were heading to a new jazz club that had opened recently and just as I was turning in the shiny-jangling set of keys into the ignition, I got this call. Mom had been admitted to a hospital. Dad had sounded so lost and scared. I rushed immediately, wearing the same party-jacket that I had picked out for the night.



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What followed during that night was a nerve-wrecking jog – the diagnosis, the worries, the mad rush of nurses and the haunting hospital silence – and all I could do was somehow manage to stay on my toes and not crumble.

I knew it was going to be an emotional crisis until things looked up. But I also knew that I am a human being.

One.Thing.At. A.Time. I could not, would not, handle what’s beyond my capacity. There was no need to do everything alone. So as the first-few rays of sun poured in, I pulled out my phone and clicked on two names. This was the time to get your emergency-friends around you and ask for the much-needed support.

The first one was Paysense – the same smart-finance choice that I had used this year several times – instant loans that made my dreams and needs of a bike, a washing machine, a better accommodation and much more; possible and easy. Now was the time to try a loan for this situation.

I knew I should have expected the same speed as I had experienced with that bike-loan earlier. But I was wrong. The moment I entered the word ‘medical emergency’ in the app, the app’s team reached out to me to assist in a process that was now extra-swift, extra-friendly and extra-supportive. No friction, no question-marathon, no speed-bumpers. The disbursal-time was much shorter for this loan.

In the wee hours of an early morning, I soon found myself  uploading documents for quick verification – enjoying the unprecedented and unbelievable delight of one-time documentation. Online loan- Whoa!

Here I was, sitting somewhere in a hospital, with no collateral or paper in my hand. And yet, somehow, I was getting a loan that was free of paper, collateral and hidden fees.

Paysense made so much sense for me this time too. It must have been a routine approach to medical-loan-disbursal for the company; but for me it was like having a good, dependable and quick-to-rescue friend on my side (and by my side).

Just like my other friend who I called shortly after finishing this work. Both arrived exactly at 3.33 pm. Right after one short call. No annoying questions. No conversational surgery.

The first one ensured that the money had actually been disbursed to my account. – leaving me free to focus on other priorities. The second one – a big soothing wave of strength, jokes and cricket-banter that immediately brought a smile on my father’s face. Gosh! He even managed to get Dad to eat that cup of instant-noodles from the canteen.

Now I had a truly-instant personal loan (to take care of the bills that would follow in the next few days) and a true friend (to take care of us). That pumped my courage when Doctor called us inside after a string of tests and reports.

We walked out hopeful after hearing about next the treatment-plan. Everything looked so much better now. Maybe it was just the way I was looking at everything – a few hours back vs. Now.

Having someone beside you, unconditionally and instantly, can be a huge source of support and perspective. Good friends only shine in emergencies. Just like my friend who was there with me whenever I had needed him – from the day when I ran like a madman to woo my girlfriend back from the airport at the very last minute; to this day when I needed him to tell me not to chew my nails because Mrs. Rita, our 3rd-grade teacher, had taught us that.

I smiled at the sight of him and my instant personal loan, my trustworthy friends.

Right there by my side. No questions asked.