Buying the house of your dreams is a thrilling experience but it is a massive responsibility as well. Shifting into a new house and turning it into a beautiful home can be exciting, provided you keep taking care of a few things. In essence, buying your dream home is not the end; in fact, it is a new beginning. 

One of the biggest concerns when moving into a new home is that of home furnishings. Home furniture and furnishing not only add to the decor but are a necessity too. Apart from essential appliances, several other furnishings are required in every home.

However, if you aren’t careful, you might end up splurging more than necessary as furniture and electronic appliances don’t come cheap. Several factors like GST, financial budget, the value of the rupee and inflation determine the prices of consumer goods like electronics and furniture.

Thus, you need to be extremely careful while setting up your new home. Keep reading as we share some important tips that must be followed when furnishing a new home on a tight budget.

How Do You Furnish A New Home On A Budget?

When you have got a new and empty house to furnish, you may feel overwhelmed and want to fill up every nook and cranny immediately. Avoid this knee-jerk reaction as it will lead you to overspend and purchase things you don’t need. A wiser approach would be to start by investing in essentials, such as a sofa set, a dining set, few storage boxes, beds, etc. These essentials might cost you a great deal of money but you must look at them as long-term investments that you won’t have purchase again for several years to come. Furthermore, ensure that you take proper measurements before making these significant purchases to avoid the stress of returning and re-ordering.



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Flipping through the glossy pages of home furnishing magazines and short-listing ideas for your home might seem like the best way to explore the things you want. However, do not haste into buying each and every item you think looks good. Remember, filling up your home with the exact furniture you see in a catalog won’t make it look perfect. So, rationalise while planning and purchasing your furniture. Be creative and visualise the kind of vibe and theme you’d want each of your rooms to have. Only then go ahead and buy; whether you prefer statement items or minimalist ones. If you’re facing an extreme cash crunch, you can consider applying for a personal loan to help you get access to instant cash for buying furniture.

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How Do I Start Furnishing A New Home?

Thanks to the advancement in e-commerce, there is no shortage of online shopping sites that let you pick stylish furniture on a bargain without as much as stepping out of your house. So, before buying a particular piece of furniture from the store or market, ensure that you search for the same furniture online too for exclusive offers and deals. This way, instead of spending a high amount of money on just one piece of furniture, you can buy various items at a much lower rate online. When you start searching for the furniture, concentrate on one room at a time to avoid being confused with the decision-making process. 

Subsequently, you can go online and start navigating through the many shapes, sizes, and colours of furniture. Also, take into account the furniture that needs maintenance and replacement. For instance, you may be using a smaller dining table in your previous home. Now, since you have a larger space, you can think about investing in a larger dining table. Similarly, if you are purchasing exquisite furniture, it might require maintenance and changing the upholstery from time to time.

How Do I Save Up For Furniture?

If unchecked, the cost of furnishing a home can be massive and run into several lakhs. In order to save big, you need to plan well in advance. Big purchases, such as furniture and appliances, need to be made before shifting into the new home for a comfortable and convenient experience. There are certain measures that you can take to save on the furniture for your new home. 

Firstly, you can start off by cutting all the unnecessary expenses from your everyday life. This includes eliminating all of the extravagant items and habits that are in no way a necessity for you. For instance, you can stop dining out and start cooking your meals at home. Similarly, you get a raise in your salary or receive a special bonus; you can save it for purchasing the furniture for your new home instead of splurging on clothes or movies.

You can consider borrowing a small sum of money from your friends and family or even taking an instant personal online loan. While you could use a credit card to make these purchases, you will be bound to repay the amount at the end of the month. If you take a personal loan, the repayment will be spread over several months, thus, making it easier to manage the loan. A personal loan will also give you access to more funds to make the purchase, and you can pay off the debt in the form of EMIs as per your convenience. Another benefit of taking a personal loan is that you are free to use the loan amount as per your convenience. 

How Much Should I Spend On Furnishing My First Apartment?

Let’s get one thing clear; even if you are furnishing your first home on a budget, having a cosy bed and mattresses in a new home is essential. You can either go for high-end brands or stick to mid-range products that are more cost-effective. The budget for the same can be set at about INR 5000-15000 for a bed and a mattress.

Just as the bed is essential to the bedroom, sofas are a critical element of your living room. These furniture options have a great influence on the living room’s decor and ambience. The budget for this can be kept at around INR 15000-20000. There are several other pieces of furnishings, tables, cutlery like rugs, storage boxes, etc., that are required in a home. You can set aside a budget of around INR 20000-25000 for these items. These are just rough estimates of costs that you may potentially incur while furnishing your new home. If you can accumulate higher funds for this purpose, you can always go for the high-end brands and even invest in other home decor items as well.

How To Furnish Your House While Saving Money?

Here are some excellent tips to help you save money while furnishing your house:

  1. Invest time to get pocket-friendly deals

Many offline and online stores give unbeatable deals and discounts, especially around the festive season. Keep an eye on these stores and their offers for you may actually find something perfect for your home at a reasonable rate. Don’t hesitate to roam around in several stores before making the final decision.

  1. Go shopping during the month or quarter’s end

Salespersons usually have sales targets that they are supposed to meet. If you go shopping towards the end of the month or quarter, they may offer you the best deals to reach their targets. This way, you can get the desired items at the lowest – or at least the best – rates possible.

  1. Don’t refrain from negotiating while making a purchase

The advertised prices for the furniture that you see in stores are not set in stone. The owner of the store can easily offer these products at a lower rate and still earn a substantial amount of profit. A little bargaining wouldn’t hurt anyone, and you may be given a discount.

  1. Avoid buying everything at once

You may require several pieces of furniture for your new home, but when you buy everything at once, you may have to shed out a large sum. Refrain from buying everything at once; spread out your purchases over a few months instead if you don’t want to be overburdened with expenses. Get the essentials first, and then proceed to buy other items.

  1. Focus on quality over quantity

A cheap item might look like an awesome deal initially but could cost you more in the long run. While purchasing furniture, always look for the best quality item rather than focusing only on the cost. When you buy a good quality, durable product, it lasts longer; thus, saving you a lot of money over the years.

  1. Keep a tab on multipurpose pieces

The cost involved in buying adaptable pieces of furniture is lesser than the cost of buying two or three different products. For instance, you can buy a storage box that doubles as a couch to sit on. You can even buy a bed with storage space. This is a great way to get maximum benefits from a single item.

  1. Sign up for classifieds platforms

If you have a piece of old furniture, which is in good condition, but you feel like replacing it, classified websites and apps are the best bets for you. Through such platforms, you may contact several interested buyers and pick the ones offering the maximum amount. You may add this money to your furniture funds or end up finding great deals on second-hand furniture. There is a huge online marketplace for used furniture, usually available at throwaway prices.

  1. Skip fads; focus on classics

It is always better to stick to the classic designs and styles of furnishings when you are on a tight budget. This way, you would usually end up with a piece of furniture that is durable and, at the same time, does not cost much. Buying something flashy means that the furniture will go out of trend very soon and you might end up having to buy them again.

  1. Do not get lured by brand names

Do not buy furniture from a famous brand just because it’s extensively marketing its products. Research thoroughly and scroll through newer and less-popular brands too as you might get better deals on the same products. Similarly, when visiting stores, look around to explore new brands as well. Enquire from the shopkeepers and salesmen about brands that provide quality in order to get a better idea.

Decorating and furnishing your new home is an exciting experience, but can turn into a challenging task if you aren’t prepared enough. Careful planning and strategic shopping are the key essentials that you need to keep in mind. The first and foremost thing to think about is the budget you are willing to set for the home furnishings. Then, to stick to this budget, you would have to make smart choices in your purchases so that you spend only the minimum required amount. You should spend plenty of time analyzing and measuring each space in your house before making any purchase. Your first priority must always be to invest in the essential pieces of furniture – the pieces that are functional but add to the decor of your home. Keep all these pointers in mind in order to avoid spending a lot of unnecessary money while furnishing your new home.

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