Loans while being one of the most important financial tools for people remains one of the biggest bane in terms of calculation. When you consider applying for a loan, you find out that are a lot of things that you need to account for. For example, in addition to the EMIs and personal loan rate, you will also need to account for the perfect tenure of the loan among other things. Thankfully, you can use an interest rate calculator to determine almost all of the crucial aspects of a loan. However, a key aspect of loans that people tend to ignore or overlook is cost of debt. So, what is cost of debt? Let’s find out:

Cost of Debt of a Personal Loan

The cost of debt is the total amount of interest that you will owe to a lender during the tenure of the loan. Basically, you determine what will be gained from the loan and how much will you need to pay back to the lender. Cost of debt is also crucial if you want to know the opportunity cost of something and compare it with the interest that you will owe for the loan. An interest rate calculator helps in determining the EMIs and personal loan rate; thus, you can use to calculate the total amount that you will owe to the lender. It will help you in managing your financial situation better by providing you insights into whether availing a loan would be a good idea or not.



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