Humans long for ease in life. We’ve come a long way in leading a comfortable life. Be it using wheeled vehicles or tap water it was not normal just a couple of generations back. Several inventions happen every day to make our lives easier to live.

Today, we have consumer durables like a fridge to store vegetables, a television for entertainment, an AC to stay cool, a washing machine to wash our clothes, and many other latest and high-tech durables to make our lives easy. 

However, people often tend to put off the purchase of needed consumer durables like a washing machine or an AC in anticipation of a Diwali bonus or a festival discount. 

No need to defer your consumer durable purchases anymore

With a consumer durable loan from the PaySense instant loan app, you can split any consumer durables’ cost across multiple EMIs. An instant personal loan enables you to buy consumer durables online without worrying about the high initial cost of the appliance.

Suppose you are worried that your EMI may get too high for you after buying the consumer durable and surpass your budget; worry not. You can easily find out the exact monthly monetary impact of the consumer durable loan on the instant loan app with a personal loan EMI calculator.

The advantages of buying consumer durables on EMI

Buy consumer durables you wish for on EMI or swap your old appliances for newer ones with personal loans from PaySense. You can even expand your budget to purchase a machine in a higher price bracket if you need to.

Shop for home appliances with state-of-the-art technology and premium features. And pay off the seemingly big expense in convenient EMIs.

You get many advantages when you buy consumer durables on EMI like:

  • Flexible EMIs: Choose the EMI plan you are comfortable with by using the personal loan EMI calculator.
  • Get instant loan: Get a fast personal loan for buying home durables in a jiffy.
  • Minimum documentation: Enjoy zero to minimum documentation and upload them online.
  • Low interest: Get consumer durable loan on PaySesne at low interest.

How a personal loan EMI calculator can help you know your exact EMI

Just enter your loan amount on the personal loan EMI calculator and get tenure options from 3 to 60 months with different EMI options. Take control of what to pay and when to pay with the EMI calculator. 

It gives you a clear idea of the interest repayment amount. It also lets you know the total interest amount for different tenures of the loan. With this information, you can easily select EMIs and term that fits your budget.

The advantages of using a personal loan EMI calculator

While the fundamental function of the EMI calculator is to calculate your EMI outgo for each month, you also get other benefits like:

  • It makes your loan planning easier: Once you enter the amount of loan you want and click on ‘See EMI Plans’, you can refer to the complete list of EMI plans for nine different loan terms. You can see your EMI per month and total interest outgo for each loan term. So, you will know the exact amount you would need to pay towards EMI each month. This will help you stay within your budget and on top of your liabilities.
  • You can compare different EMI plans: You can easily change and compare the loan amount to buy your favourite consumer durables. You can determine what loan amount and loan term works best for you. You can check your monthly EMI and total interest for the entire loan period for nine different tenures ranging from 3 to 30 months. So, maybe you can decide between 15 and 18 months and determine what loan tenure works for you. You can also check the impact the tenure is having on your total interest before deciding.
  • Get accurate results: You can always do the good old manual calculations, but there are chances of making mistakes apart from them being time-consuming. On the other hand, with a PaySense personal loan EMI calculator, you can be sure that your calculation is accurate.


Thus, knowing your exact monthly EMI outgo makes all the difference in your decision making. It helps you decide on the loan amount and tenure that is right for you.

You can get a consumer durable loan from ₹5,000 to ₹5,00,000 with fast loan processing and minimal documentation using PaySense instant loan app. The repayment tenure can range anywhere between 3 to 30 months. Easily apply for PaySense Consumer Durable Loan. Calculate your consumer durable loan EMI here.