With the materialistic markets growing at a breath-taking pace, and hugely covetable products being launched daily, it is but natural for you to desire to possess at least a few of them. However, incomes do not grow quite so rapidly as the markets, and therefore it is difficult to buy new things without taking a loan and repaying it in equated monthly installments (EMIs). While it has become easier to take loans, you must constantly be conscious of your repaying capacity. You have to know the amount of loan you can afford to take, the tenure in which you can afford to repay it, and how much you will have to repay every month. This is where a loan calculator come in handy.

How to Use EMI Loan Calculators

There are many online loan EMI calculators. Irrespective of the type of loan you are planning to take – a mortgage loan, home loan, auto loan, education loan, personal loan, etc. These online loan calculators will help you to calculate the EMIs on your loan. You just need to input the relevant data into these calculators, such as the loan amount, the tenure in which you wish to repay the loan, the interest being charged by the bank, and the calculator will show you how much money you will have to shell out every month.

These calculators can be very helpful to you in making your financial decisions. For instance, these loan EMI calculators can tell you how much interest you will end up paying as per the repayment tenure you choose. The longer the tenure you choose, the lesser will be your EMI but you will end up paying more interest. On the other hand, the shorter your repayment tenure, the higher will be your EMI, but you will end up paying lesser interest. These online loan calculators have their in-built EMI calculation formulae, which can help you in deciding all aspects related to the loan you wish to take without having to do the calculations manually or resorting to elaborate excel-sheets.

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