Everyone has come across stories of someone or the other quitting their well-placed job to follow their dream. However, most of us end up putting our ideas on the back burner, putting the practical aspects of making a living to be able to lead a comfortable life at the forefront. However, you need not sacrifice your dream only because you are not sure how you will sustain yourself. All you need to do is be prudent and plan.

Chasing your dream requires not just gumption but strategy as well. Because it is one thing to say that you are putting everything aside to pursue your dream and quite another to be doing so while ensuring that you are financially stable at the same time, however, with a little prudence and some excellent planning, you can easily make a living and live your dream too. Just read on to know-how.

Tips to make a living and chase your dream

Here we have compiled a list of great tips to get you started when it comes to making a living while chasing your dream: 

  • Make a plan

Jumping straightaway into the pursuit of your dream would be a foolhardy venture. Many people think that they can simply take a stab at pursuing their goal without a plan in place, but it does not serve them in the long run. To successfully manage the pursuit of your dream and ensure that you are not in severe debt or financially troubled, it is essential to have a plan in place. Consider all the aspects involved in the pursuit of your dream, whether it is economically feasible for you to do so, whether you have enough money to sustain you, how to generate revenue, etc. Once you have a rough draft in place, you can consider taking the plunge without going broke.

  • Continue working

Even though you might be tempted to just up and quit your job to pursue your dreams, don’t. Your job, for the time being, is your steady source of income generation, and before you jump into a full-fledged pursuit of your goals, you will need to ensure financial stability. So before you quit your active job, make sure you have enough resources to get by if you decide to pursue your passion.

Alternatively, you can also find ways to work, which will not get in the form of your dream. For instance, if you are looking to make a life of traveling around the globe, you could generate a steady income by writing a paid blog based on your experiences! 

  • Estimate the expenses involved

Heading out to pursue your dreams without knowing the nuances of all that it requires would be a stupid idea. Before you start, make sure you have a fair idea of all the expenses it will expect.

For instance, if you are planning on becoming a full-time artist instead of continuing as a corporate executive, you will need to think about how you will find the money to buy your supplies. And, for how long can you survive without a steady income until your first sales come through, the costs of starting your online shop, advertising, approaching a gallery, etc. 

  • Consider all potential income sources

Every new venture does require capital, and you will need to figure out where you will generate this capital from. If you are starting something small in scale, you might be able to find the money in your savings.

Alternatively, you will need to think about if you need investors and where you will find them. You will need to work out all the potential sources of income, which will yield a sufficient amount of money to keep your dream afloat and also successfully generate new revenue in the long run. 

  • Save and invest

To get well on the way to pursuing your goals while still making a living, a smart decision would be saved as much money as you can. If you are working at a regular job, try and save aggressively for the period when you would be starting with the pursuit of your dream.

This way, you will have a sizeable corpus to fall back on in case of emergencies or to pay for any contingencies that may arise. At the same time, you must also invest some of your savings in a manner that will give you assured returns periodically. This sum can serve you to chase your dream while conveniently secure on the financial front. 

  • Go for a trial run

If you are not sure about pursuing your vision while staying financially sound, you can choose to go in for a trial session. Take a break from your job and set out to do what you have been dreaming of. This will give you practical experience and make you aware of all the challenges ahead.

Additionally, you will be able to prepare yourself for any problems and obstacles that may come in your way when you decide to take up the change for good. The experience gained in this trial run will thus pave the way for you to choose how you want to proceed when chasing your dream and continue to make a living too.

  • Get a side gig

Nothing works better to get some additional money than a second or other job. Whether you are saving up to chase your dream or need to make some more money while actively pursuing your goal, a second job, or even a third one, will go a long way in helping you shore up on funds when you most need them.

Depending on how much time you have in the day as well as your interest, you can choose a second job that pays well and acts as a supplement to your current income.

  • Get support

Nothing like a little help from friends and family when it comes to making a living when chasing your dream. Be it emotional or financial, support from friends and family at the right time can boost the pursuit of your dream manifolds. 



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