Financial issues can not only be confusing but stressing as well. Even selecting a loan can be taxing, not to mention applying for a loan, especially if you are a first-time loan applicant. However, you have no need to worry in such a scenario as there are ways that you can identify which aspects of a loan matter the most. One of the most important aspects of a loan is personal loan interest rates. Still, it is easily manageable if you know the factors that affect the personal loan rate.

Factors That Affect Personal Loan Rate

There are a lot of factors that affect the personal loan interest rate of a loan directly and indirectly. However, some factors affect the loan more than others while some are beyond control. The following factors affect the interest rate significantly and can are manageable to a certain extent as well:

  • EMI of loan
  • Repayment schedule
  • Applicant’s age
  • Applicant’s credit score and credit history
  • Financial status and bank statement
  • Amount of loan
  • Tenure of loan
  • Applicant’s assets and liabilities
  • Nature and type of employment

In addition to the factors mentioned above, the source of the loan also plays a huge role in deciding the interest rate. One of the things that you need to know is that the rate of interest, EMIs, and tenure of the loan are highly dependent on each other. You can use a loan calculator to changes these values to determine the perfect values for yourself.



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