Doesn’t it feel good to fulfill your father’s dreams and make him proud of you? My father had only one wish – to see me work in a good company. When I got my job, my father had tears of joy in his eyes. I had fulfilled his dreams but my struggles had just begun.

Even though I had secured a good apartment and was enjoying my new-found freedom, something was missing. My rented flat didn’t provide the same comfort as my parents’ home in my hometown. I found it difficult to cope up with the heat and humidity in Mumbai. It would leave me restless and I failed to get a good night’s sleep. Add to it, I had to do the household chores as I was staying alone.

I decided to make my life easier by buying an air conditioner and a washing machine. I searched for the best ac brand and washing machine online. But I was disappointed when I saw the air conditioners and the washing machine price list. I couldn’t even afford a washing machine at the lowest price.

I would have needed to save money for months to buy them both. Instead of waiting for such a long time, I opened the Paysense app on my phone. I realized I could easily buy the best air conditioner in India with the loan amount that I was eligible for. Not only that, I also found that a fully automatic washing machine price was also within my budget now. After all, I had wanted to buy the best things for myself, and a home renovation loan made it possible. The EMIs** were well within my reach. Also, since I had taken a loan from them previously, I did not have to upload any further documents to get this subsequent loan. It was literally just a click away.   

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Once again, Paysense helped me in my time of need. If you have any money-related problems that can be solved using a small loan, I strongly suggest that you use the Paysense app.