Diwali is on! And Diwali 2k21 is going to be much more lit than last year that was ridden with Corona. This is because people finally seem to have overcome the Corona impact. People are now becoming capable of festive spending. All this as our economy is rebounding at a record rate.

Diwali has its own charisma. The festivity is in the air and no one can escape that. Things like home cleaning and decoration, new clothes, new gifts, family get-togethers, etc., make Diwali the biggest festival in the country of over a billion people.

The festive season is also the spending season in India

Of course, people spend the most during Diwali. They spend on clothes, gifts, their home, their family, vacations, etc. And they spend huge amounts of money. Again, there are offers during festive times when everything from clothes to consumer durables is on heavy discounts.

People spend on festivals like Karvachauth, Dhanteras, Diwali and Bhai Dhooj. You must also be making festive spends towards your family and yourself. And such frequent and big spends in a single month can sometimes be too much for your savings. And you may want to get access to more funds to take care of the sudden increase in spending.

Moreover, the wedding season follows Diwali, and there is often a need for new clothes and increased funds.

The most convenient and straightforward way to deal with the above situations is to avail a personal loan. You can apply for a personal loan on a personal loan app. The app makes available your desired amount of funds with minimum formalities. Once approved, the amount gets disbursed into your account in a matter of days.

Some reasons why you must avail a personal loan this Diwali

Below are some reasons why taking a personal loan during the festive season makes sense:

  • Availing personal loans do not require you to pledge any collateral

The onset of a festival like Diwali brings a rise in demand for vehicles, festive apparel, home appliances, gold investments, etc. It’s festive times, and you do not want to get funds by pledging any collateral and going through the arduous documentation process. 

While taking a personal loan, an unsecured loan, you do not need to pledge any guarantee, which is a significant advantage. Moreover, it facilitates people from all walks of life to secure a loan and finance their festive purchases. So, you can do stress-free shopping with a personal loan.

  • You have complete flexibility in using the funds from a personal loan

Unlike a home loan or car loan, you can use funds from a personal loan wherever you please. There is complete flexibility on the end-usage of the money availed from a personal loan. For example, you can use the funds to plan a fancy family dinner, buy a nice gift for your partner, buy gold jewellery and silver utensils, buy electronic gadgets, etc. You can also use the funds to renovate your home before Diwali, purchase consumer durable goods, get your home decorated, buy new clothes, etc.

  • You can manage your festive expenses flexibly

Most personal loan apps offer loans from ₹5,000 to ₹5,00,000. So you can apply for a single personal loan from a suitable lender like PaySense and deal with all your festive expenses.

A variety of lucrative deals and discounts are available during festivities, and so, it is indeed the right time to shop. However, the unplanned expenditure can run into thousands of rupees and affect your budget and savings at a later time. You can take care of such festive expenses by availing a personal loan. The loan can cover all your expenses. So, easily invest in a vehicle or buy festive apparel using a personal finance offering.

  • Personal loans are easy and flexible to repay

With the finance industry getting digitised, you can easily apply for a personal loan sitting from your home. Moreover, you do not need to visit a bank or financial institution to document or process your loan. You can do everything from loan application to loan processing using an instant personal loan app. Also, personal loans are offered at an attractive interest rate with exciting festive offers.

  • You can use personal loans to upgrade your lifestyle

You can use a personal loan to refurbish your home and give your interiors a facelift. Moreover, you can use the funds from a personal loan to buy clothes, finance a vacation, or buy white goods.

Also, the wedding season follows the festive season in India. An Indian wedding is a lavish affair, and you may need to buy festive apparel for your entire family for the same. You can do all that with a personal loan.


Availing a personal loan during Diwali is a great option to enjoy the festivities without having any financial constraints. However, make sure that you borrow smartly and repay your festive loan with timely repayments.