A personal loan has been a great friend to many in their times of need. Indian households heavily consume instant personal loan products in times of needs.

You cannot wait endlessly to get your loan sanctioned in dire times. Are you too looking for emergency funds? An emergency personal loan can help you immensely when you need funds quickly. The Indian populace uses instant personal loans for their emergency financial needs. You can avail of an instant loan by applying for it on a lender’s website or online loan app

The five places where a personal loan can help you 

Take a look at the five instances where a personal loan comes in handy.

Higher education expenses

If you want to take higher education or do an online course that can significantly improve your skillset in your industry, you may take an instant personal loan when you are short of funds. 

Alternatively, if you want to send your child abroad for higher education or need to pay for their high college fees in India, you can get a personal loan and meet your kid’s education costs. An education loan may charge high interest rates, so opting for an instant personal loan to fund your kid’s education is a good idea.

Debt consolidation

Expenses resulting due to heavy credit card usage can get difficult to manage. Credit cards typically charge steep rates of interest that can get out of hand over time. 

A slew of existing loans that you may currently have can make your finance management stressful. There may arise times when you only have a little time to pay for your EMIs before defaulting on your loan. In such scenarios, an instant personal loan can come in handy. It can be of great help to you during a financial crisis. You can take an instant personal loan to consolidate all your debts that charge high interest in one place.

Home renovation

Home renovation may not be counted as an emergency, but there may arise a time in your life when your home needs an urgent repair. There could be a dripping ceiling, a damaged wall, or some acute structural changes you need to make to your home. You may have to do an urgent repair or renovation before a particular occasion in your family. Such renovation and repairs have to be addressed in months. And in such a scenario, you would want emergency funds in quick time. While your savings can be of help, another good option is to avail of an instant personal loan to pay for that home improvement project.

Wedding expenses

Wedding and marriage expenses can quickly spiral out of control in times when extravagance and style are the norms, and a grand wedding a requirement. To bring to life such an extravagant wedding, you may have to go a little out of the way so that nothing hinders the occasion. There is certainly a possibility that you face a financial emergency from an unexpected area in a grand wedding.

More than one thing is associated with marriage, like decoration, venue, catering, etc. Your catering budget may get out of hand, or some other expense may spiral out of nowhere. Whatever are your needs, if you are short of funds, you can quickly avail of an instant marriage loan.

Medical emergencies

A medical emergency is another top reason why many people apply for medical emergency loans. The rising healthcare costs often are not met even by individuals with health insurance cover. Many people experience difficulty in paying their medical bills as the bills exceed their insurance cover.

Or you may find yourself in such a situation where you have to pay hospitalization expenses for your elderly parents who are not covered by health insurance. In such times, an instant personal loan can be a lifesaver. 


Thus, an instant personal can be helpful in more ways than one. Also, digital lenders like PaySense disburse funds instantly to your bank account. You can put such quick funds to use for emergencies. So, it makes sense to take an instant personal loan. You can even consolidate your debts and take the stress off your chest with a single loan. Also, the process of getting an instant personal loan is made fast with a web portal or an online loan app

However, before choosing a digital lender for taking an instant personal loan, compare it with other banks, NBFCs, and DSAs to make an informed decision. Check for type of interest rates, loan tenure, interest rates, prepayment charges, processing fees, etc., before finalizing any lender. Scrutinize all such basic things and compare them between different lenders before applying for a loan.

You can find many new-age digital lenders that provide great instant loan offers that meet your financial needs. One such lender is PaySense. Apply for an instant personal loan with PaySense, and get the loan amount transferred to your account quickly. Receive the money when you need it the most with instant personal loans from PaySense.

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