The Big Fat Dream Indian Wedding is a task in itself. The one-week celebrations take almost half a year to prepare and well, cost a fortune. But you know what suffers in all of this? Your honeymoon. Yes, it does. You get so busy planning out the events that you miss out on the most important first step of your journey together: your honeymoon! Not only do you not plan your itinerary well, you do not even assign a budget to your Honeymoon Package. Which all Honeymoon Places will be able to maximise my most important vacay? Should I avail the 50% discount on this Honeymoon Package offered by this site? All these questions pop into your head when you think of planning your dream honeymoon. And as a result, you end up doing it all last minute, choosing a destination that was not your dream destination, choosing a hotel that is not your type or not knowing what to do, the disaster list is endless.



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Always to your rescue, we have a few tips that you should consider before finalizing your dream honeymoon package:

1. Know where you want to go

Sit down with your partner and decide collectively on where you want to go. There is no point in finalizing a honeymoon package unless you know what excites you both. Whether you are a beach person or a mountain person, or you want to visit both, sit and decide on that. A little tip – Finalize on a country/continent first and then look for all the places you can visit there. This will make it all very easy.

2. Plan a loose itinerary

Once you have decided on a honeymoon place, do a bit of research and see where all you can visit. DO NOT just stick to what your travel agent is saying, he might just try to give you another couple’s itinerary to save his time. Be aware and know what you want. Remember it’s your vacay!

3. Relaxenture is the best

Most probably, you will leave for your desired honeymoon place shortly after your wedding. So it is important to relax, you will be dead tired after your wedding anyways. Have a mix of relaxation and adventure on your wedding. Do not confuse a beach day for scuba diving, take it slow and easy. Focus on making it more memorable with your partner rather than focusing on covering more places. Spend some quality time with your partner first, then explore the places.

4. Budgeting is important

Can we stress on this enough? Your honeymoon is your getaway with your soulmate and you surely do not want to hinder it with money problems. Hence, plan way ahead to not miss any fun. As the wedding consumes most of the budget, consider taking up a loan for your perfect honeymoon package. Yes, honeymoon loans do exist. It is an easy and sweet way to have a trip of a lifetime.

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Hit us up and we will take care of the rest. Happy Honeymooning!!