Getting a loan has become very easy and convenient with time. Not only can you apply for an online loan but lenders have also come up with policies that make applying for and availing loans easier. However, you may wonder whether it will be possible for you to get instant personal loans even if you have no bank account or salary slip? Let’s find out.

No Salary Slip – No Problem

One of the most important requirements that lenders have is to know whether you are capable of affording the loan. Therefore, they ask for proper documentation that verifies your ability to pay the loan back. The documentation includes salary slip, ID proofs, proof of employment, etc. Additionally, lenders also require your credit score and credit history in addition to financial statements. However, if you do not have salary pay slips, you can still avail instant personal loans. All you will need to do is provide other sources that confirm your source of income and its value. These may include but not limited to a letter from employer, list of assets, salary certificate, netbanking statements,  etc. Furthermore, if you do not have a regular source of income but have sufficient assets, then too you will be able to avail a loan.

No Bank Account – Open a New One

The days when opening a new bank account meant dealing with a tedious process are gone. So, even if you do not have a bank account when you are applying for a loan, you can open one within a few days. Moreover, the lender may even help in expediting the process, but it depends on the lender.

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Check Loan Eligibility

You can get an instant loan from PaySense even if you have no salary slip, but you can verify your salary through net banking statements. However, you should have salary slips as they are required for you tax returns among other things as well. But, you will not be able to avail a loan if you do not have a bank account. Bank account is useful because the loan amount will be transferred directly into your account. Since starting a new account does not take much time, you should open one before you apply for the loan. Having a bank account will also help speeding up the process of loan approval. Furthermore, you will also enjoy numerous benefits such as the convenience of applying for and managing your loan from anywhere.