Remember the days when parents sat at the table, a stack of bills on one side, and checkbook on the other? Finances were like research projects back then, and sometimes it was challenging to understand where your finances stood. Well, not anymore. In today’s digital and modern times, budgeting your economics has become a lot easier than you think!

There’s an app for everything these days – it has never been easier to live your life, track your money, and stay on track with your budget. Be it payments, to getting instant personal loans, to investing and planning your finances, it’s quick and faster to set and track your goals. You should never find yourself in difficulty with money again.

Imagine sitting on your chair and getting every transaction across your accounts cleared with just a click and in minutes, along with a tally of all your finances. Yes, with innovative apps, it is possible to keep track of your actual net worth too. Personal finance tools and apps can help you master the fundamentals you are seeking when it comes to budgeting.

These apps are designed and tailored to make you more efficient at handling and managing your money. It allows you to discover creative and easy ways to meet your financial goals. Not just this, it also helps you customize your short-term and long-term goals as per your current financial needs.

Thus, choosing the best personal finance tools & apps is very important to suit your requirements. There are plenty of apps available to download, which include free and paid options to suit a variety of financial goals.- some for budgeting and expense tracking, some for investing and portfolio management, and some for your budget for personal finance matters, as well.

With advanced technology and security, more and more apps & tools are available to manage your money. Today, people are getting more aware of the latest and innovative ones over the internet and seek simple ways to manage finances for households, investment accounts, etc. Essential apps provide an accessible portal for you to manage finances, and some of the advanced ones or probably paid ones can help you with reducing debts, managing budgets, provide financial advice too.

Thus, looking for personal finance apps over the internet has to be the best one that suits your financial needs. There are also some financial programs available that offer some concrete advice, but specified tools and apps work better and are more effective.

Here are our choices for the best personal finance apps that stand out in features that can give you a better idea of which app is perfect for you.

  • Quicken

One of the standard software or tool in personal finance, there is no other app that can offer what Quicken does. From budgeting to tracking investments, to pay off debts, Quicken is a well-established app for managing personal accounts and provides an excellent interface for all smartphone devices. You can find a variety of financial reporting tools for budgeting, handling money, and other financial matters.

For instance, this app offers you a chance to input your income and purchases, which then allows you to compare them together to get an idea of how much you are spending versus earnings. This way, it helps you keep track of your budget, making it easy. Quicken solves money problems by offering options of handling money when it comes to bills, accounting, and other utilities too. This app is also considered to be the best if you want to manage your investments and taxes under one roof.

However, Quicken is a paid app, and you can choose to download the app by selecting a plan. For a starter, the cost is $34.99, deluxe is $49.99, premier costs are $74.99, and home & business is $99.99. If you only want to track your finances, then the starter plan should suffice. But if you are seeking beyond saving, such as investments, budgeting, taxes, and more, it’s recommended to download the deluxe plan for more customization. 

  • Buxfer

A perfect app to manage your finances, the presentation of Buxfer does an excellent job of showcasing your funds in a tidy and professional manner. One of the safest apps, your details and data is highly secured and protected with high-level encryption. The IT team behind the company / this app regularly audit the data, to avoid any mishap or inconvenience.

If you are uncomfortable sharing your banking details, this app also allows you to work offline and manually sync your details. For banking purposes, this app is the best tool you can get. Not just with budgeting, this app can also help you with managing different accounts, bill reminders, etc.

Since buffer focuses more on the presentation values, you are sure to enjoy banking with its visual reporting. The free version of this app provides you with five budgets, accounts, and bill reminders while the paid version adds on some more features such as automatic tagging, bank syncing, making online payments, forecasts and updates, etc. 

  • Personal Capital

A free app, Personal Capital, is a one-of-a-kind finance app that syncs all your accounts in one location. This app is easy-to-use and helps in creating summaries of your spendings and also tracks your investments. Similar to the budgeting software/tool, you can connect your bank accounts here and analyze your money, including investment portfolios.

In this app, there are more options to monitor your investment accounts, and they can be customized too. Personal Capital works best when you want to track your goals such as retirement, check your portfolio, and also avoid paying unnecessary fees. If you have a massive collection, you can also choose to pay a fee to get personalized advice from financial professionals.

  • YNAB

Also known as You Need A Budget, this app is a popular zero-based budgeting app that offers you an option to sync your bank accounts and credit cards. If you are struggling with debt or managing your finances, YNAB is the best as it takes you through the process of allocating your money and also helps you stay on track with your spendings and other funds.

The primary reason for you to have this app is to curb overspending and avoid debts. Easy and quick to download and install; this app supports most of your information from banks. Overall, this app has been designed to help you with managing your money. The pricing of this app is slightly higher compared to the other alternatives. Starting from $11.99 per month.

  • Mint

Another free app for tech-savvy millennials, Mint app, is available on both iOS and Android devices. All-in-one money management tool, Mint app offers an excellent interface, and it is easy to use too. An exciting tool for financial budgeting and tracking; this app is near-perfect for beginners as well as advanced users.

If you want to get control of your finances, this app is designed to do just that – it puts all your funds, account balances, and transaction information to use under this clean interface and helps to calculate your total net worth.

The design allows you to choose how you would want to view your details, either simple or detailed. Mint offers a variety of options for customization, including tools to set your bill reminders and also create a realistic budget. In this app, you can also access personalized tips on improving credit scores, reducing banking fees, and learning about other methods of savings.

  • Monefy

Gone are those traditional days, where you would take a pen and paper to record your monthly expenses and spendings. With Monefy, tracking your costs have become a lot easier. It’s as simple as opening the app, filling in the expense sheet, and tapping ‘add.’ And your account is ready. The app is safe to use and can sync your data between all your devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops) using the dropbox account.

Another good thing about the app is the practical functionality and how easy/beneficial it is to use. Mint is considered to be quite an engaging app as it is designed with fun typefaces, vivid colors and whimsical icons in an interactive way that will enhance your usage.

  • Picking The One App You Need

There’s still always room for improvement in terms of setting up your short-term as well as long-term goals. In the fast-paced digital era, investments seem to be the fastest route to build the wealth you are looking for, hence exploring the stock market will interest you.

However, at some point in time, you and your hard-earned rupees will probably need an app to manage the money. Thus, we have sourced the above list of best personal finance apps that should make your financial life a lot easier.

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