The entire world’s economic activity has been impacted by the novel Coronavirus. The incongruence that it has brought to human lives has changed the way of living and thinking. It has affected Industries such as aviation and tourism, food and agriculture, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals adversely. The reason behind this is the domestic demand and exports have severely depreciated where higher development was observed pre-pandemic. Centre for Monitoring India Economic (CMIE) data states that 20 million-plus salaried employees lost their jobs between April to July 2020. This means each month, an average of 5 million salaried individuals went out of occupations. It is true that it is not easy to lose salaried jobs, but once it’s gone, it gets difficult to get it back. However, as per CMIE data, in April 2020, 15% of salaried individuals lost their occupations.

The individuals who did retain their jobs either started getting delayed salary or had to face pay cuts. Hence, the country faced more income losses than overall job losses due to which individuals’ daily lifestyle have been impacted. They started to face issues in paying monthly EMIs, education fees, medical bills, etc. A lot of people had to wash-out their savings in the worst scenarios. But other than salaried individuals, over 200 million people lost their jobs in India within a span of 120 days the previous year. This includes small traders, hawkers and daily wage earners. CMIE report states that 75% of this category of people lost their earnings in April 2020.

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