Luggage is good. Baggage is bad.

Sometimes it is not about the weight, but about how you carry it. Think well about personal loan versus credit card loans before you strap a debt on your shoulder.

T-shirts turned into clay, gym-shorts vanished inside shoes and neck-ties were burrowed deep somewhere.

Did his suitcase really have this much space? More importantly, did he really know Avni at all?

Squatting around a pile of clothes near the airport-entrance, Armaan watched her – flabbergasted and impressed. She was miraculously squeezing everything inside in a way that was not just clever but also neat. Just 15 minutes back he had been furious at her for bringing two huge handbags to carry back to her mom (his aunt) right at the last minute. But right now he was only wondering how she could fold a shirt in so many ways without any creases!

Was she the same girl who was also asking him if she should opt for a credit-card loan for gifting something special to her parents on their upcoming anniversary?

“Avni. It is actually pretty simple to decide on personal loan versus credit card loan. In fact, simpler than what you are doing right now. Is it for a small purchase, some online shopping, some travel expense and is it easy as per your credit-card limits? If the answers are ‘yes’, no sweat.”

“But?” she could sense there was more to the dilemma. “Tell me the brutal truth. How much actual burden can it turn into?”

“Well, to be honest, the monthly outstanding attracts heavy burden and there are penalties of non-disciplined payment on stipulated time-points. The eligibility is vague (I really don’t know what your payment history is like); and to add to that there is no reducing-balance principle here. I am not sure but some credit-card companies may charge service tax on interest paid as well. For someone as disciplined and organised as you are in your life and career as of now, the dynamics of personal loan versus credit card loans can change a lot.” He paused before telling the real fear he had, “and it is easy for such loans to end up as perpetual loans since there is no end date. I don’t see you being okay with that.” He said in a serious and sincere voice watching her fold his sweaters skilfully.

“Is a personal loan not a long-term one? That means that if I repay, the interest rates go lower?” she was asking all smart questions today.

“Of course. And speaking of interest, today’s rates are competitive enough for personal loans. The processing-time is also not too long if you pick a good online app. But more importantly Avni, if you go for an instant personal loan from a platform such as Paysense, you will be sure that you are not diving into a revolving debt as would be very likely with a credit-card loan. If you are not able to reduce a credit-card loan it can pretty much stretch across one’s life. Here, a prompt-payment makes future loans easier too.”

“Funny! Who goes for credit-card loans then, I wonder.” Avni was surprised and decisive now.

“The ones who cannot pack a ship into a boy’s bag I guess.” Armaan whistled as she snapped the lid close on a brilliantly-packed bag.

Avni beamed with pride. “You know what? I might as well pick those flowers and chocolates once we land. Won’t Mom simply love them?”

Armaan threw his hands in despair. Just when he thought she had grown up.