The Aadhaar card is a powerful and irreplaceable identification number that can help you get a loan. Not just any bank but even the best loan apps will be willing to offer you a loan either. There are different norms and standards in place that decide who qualifies for loans and how they can get them. What happens if your Aadhaar number is registered in some other mobile number and you currently use a different mobile number – will loan providers reject your loan application? Read on to know more.

What is Aadhaar number?

Per the UIDAI website, Aadhaar number is a 12-digit random number issued by the UIDAI (“Authority”) to the residents of India after satisfying the verification process laid down by the Authority. Any individual, irrespective of age and gender, who is a resident of India, may voluntarily enrol to obtain Aadhaar number. Person willing to enrol has to provide minimal demographic and biometric information during the enrolment process which is totally free of cost. An individual needs to enrol for Aadhaar only once and after de-duplication only one Aadhaar shall be generated, as the uniqueness is achieved through the process of demographic and biometric de-duplication.”

Aadhaar for Verification

In India, most lenders or instant personal loans online ask for an attested copy of the Aadhaar number for identification and verification purpose among the many recognized documents. Also, mobile providers have also adopted the Aadhaar number for linkage and verification purposes. So anyone applying for financial assistance or personal loans is usually asked to furnish Aadhaar and a mobile number linked to their Aadhaar number for easier and seamless paperwork. It also happens that sometimes due to exceptional circumstances, a person applying for a personal loan can have a mobile number that is not linked to their Aadhaar number or rather does not have an Aadhaar number, to begin with. It is important to understand if loans are given or denied if he/she does not have an Aadhaar number or does not have his mobile number linked to their Aadhaar.

You Have an Excellent Credit Score

Many Indian banks will give loans to people with good credit scores. The process does get a bit more complicated though. You need to have a credit score of at least 500 and a credit history of at least a year. Once you fulfill these requirements, you’ll be eligible for a loan. The loan amount you can borrow will also be restricted to a certain percentage of your income. You can’t go above a certain percentage of your income and still stay under the limit.

Your Aadhaar Number is Just Another Document

There are no hard and fast rules that if you do not possess an Aadhaar number, your loan application will be rejected. Your Aadhaar number is a support document for identification and address verification processes. If your Aadhaar number is linked to your current mobile number, well and good. If not, you can opt for that facility or choose not to, unless, of course, the government makes it mandatory for you. 

Update your Aadhaar Details

If your Aadhaar number has been registered against another number that is no longer in use, you can update the same with your current number if you choose to, or at least verify your Aadhaar number that it truly is yours and not misused by anyone. In any which case, it will ask you to link to your current mobile number for easier verification purposes. As long as you have a mobile number that is functional and can receive OTPs for verification, your loan application can cite that number for registration purposes. 

Yes, You can avail loans with or without an Aadhaar number

Most loan providers and online loan apps accept the Aadhaar number as a valid identity document as well as address proof. Also, if you do not possess an Aadhaar number, you can furnish other valid documents like a passport, voter ID, PAN card, driving license as ID proof and utility bills, rental agreements, passport, driving license, voter ID as address proof. 

Help Is Available for Loan Applications

While you can get loans to buy a house or start a business, you can also get a loan for a variety of other reasons as well. A lot of the time, people hesitate in applying for a loan because they don’t know where to begin looking for one. There are a few websites that can help you apply for a loan. Your credit score is one of the most important factors that lenders will consider when deciding whether to give you a loan. Loan providers can give you an idea of how much you can get based on your credit score. You can also see if you qualify for loans based on your income or other factors.

Summing Up

Lenders are not always willing to give you a loan. This can be due to your credit score or reasons like you having a different Aadhar number and using a different number. You can always furnish the rule book and challenge what is unreasonable and get your fair due. 


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