We live most of our lives in our homes, and it sure makes sense to make our homes beautiful and more functional every few years. The best way to give a new look to our house is by doing home renovation. Home renovation is intended to add beauty to your house, make it functional and even maintain its structural integrity. 

So, this is all talk about how a home renovation can give a new life to your home and make it look fabulous, But there is something more. Apart from beautifying and adding structural integrity, home renovation can increase the financial value of your house as well. 

Purchasing a new home in today’s days goes in tens of lakhs of rupees. And in a metro city like Mumbai or Bangalore, it quickly goes up to crores. On the other hand, home renovation takes only a few lakhs. For example, giving a new look and strengthening your old house can cost only 4 to 5 lakhs on an average. Thus, to make your very own house more luxurious and modern at a minimal cost, home renovation is your best option. 

How personal loan helps you with home renovation

Liquidating money from your investments or draining your savings is not a good idea unless you are in an unavoidable emergency. And home renovation is not an inevitable situation. So, the best way to renovate your home is financing it through a home renovation loan or a personal loan for home renovation. 

A home renovation loan may not work for all. The process to obtain a home renovation loan is lengthy, including lots of time and documentation. Also, you are required to pledge collateral against your home renovation loan. Again, after doing all this, it is possible that you do not get the loan amount of your choice. 

So, the best option that is left is to opt for a collateral-free online personal loan in India for your home renovation. The interest rates of such a loan taken on a personal loan app are reasonable as well.

Five reasons why online personal loan in India is perfect for your home renovation

1. Zero paperwork:

When you apply for an online personal loan in India from a personal loan app, you do not have to get involved with any paperwork. 

Even if there is paperwork, it is very minimal. You are only required to upload a few documents, such as documents for address proof, identity proof, your bank statement, salary slip, etc., on a personal loan app that you choose to use. The processing of your loan for the home renovation is also completely online. 

So, you just have to apply for the loan on a personal loan app and upload the documents directly over the app without getting involved with any physical paperwork. 

2. No collateral:

You are not required to provide any security or collateral as you apply for an online personal loan for home renovation. 

3. Choose a convenient tenure:

You can choose a tenure based on your repayment capacity when you take an instant personal loan. The term for an instant personal loan may vary from three months to five years. So, you can choose a tenure that is appropriate for you. With a higher term, your EMI gets lowered, but your interest amount surges.

4. Readily available:

Instant personal loans are widely and easily available. Many conventional lenders as well as new fintech companies, offer a personal loan at attractive offers. You can just download their app and fill out your details for an online loan application. 

As you meet your lender’s eligibility criteria, your loan application is approved. The loan is processed online in quick time, which is mostly a matter of minutes. 

The online process makes it easy for you to get an online personal loan in India for home renovation. You can use your loan amount for any expense related to home renovation like repair, interior designing, remodelling, etc. 

5. Instant availability of funds:

So, once your instant personal loan application is approved and you avail for the loan, it can take a few hours or a few days to get the funds deposited into your bank account. For example, after your loan is approved, PaySense takes 3 to 5 days to transfer the funds to your bank account.

As soon as you submit your application form, your lender starts the process of transferring the amount. Automated software can easily do the document verification and match your eligibility criteria. As you pass the criteria, you get approval via SMS, and within a few days, the loan amount is disbursed into your account. 


You do not have to mortgage your house, liquidate your investments, or drain your savings for home renovation. The online personal loan in India is your best option when you want to avail quick funds to renovate your house.