EMI is one of the most important aspects of any type of loan. It is very important that you find out the best EMI for you before applying for the loan. The reason for that is because if you know the EMI that you will need to pay, you can manage your financials accordingly. Additionally, since many aspects of a loan are interdependent, it will help you find out other important details as well. For example, if you are using a loan EMI calculator, you will also be able to determine the interest rate that will levied on the loan. Now, the real question is: which loan EMI calculator is the best for you? Let’s find out

Top EMI Loan Calculators


PaySense offers a very comprehensive EMI and loan calculator for personal loans. An added benefit that you will be able to enjoy if you use the PaySense calculator is that it will also provide you details regarding your eligibility for the loan. You can also apply for instant personal loan on the website and mobile. Not only does the company provide instant approvals but you will also receive the amount in your account within a few short hours after the approval.



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The website provides you an extensive calculator that helps you determine the EMI and interest rate for various types of loans. It is highly beneficial since some type of loans use flat rate method and some use reducing balance method for calculating loan. Therefore, you will not have to worry about whether the correct EMI calculation formula has been used.


This website provides the option to calculate three types of loans: home, personal and car loans. Additionally, the calculator provides various options such as setting the tenure, etc. in addition to providing detailed graphs to explain the information.


The calculator on the website provides insights into various types of loans by using different EMI calculation formula. Additionally, it also provides a detailed breakdown of the loan that includes the principal amount left to be paid after each month, interest, remaining balance, etc.


The website allows you to customize numerous aspects of a loan to ensure that you are able to manage your financials properly for repayment. Furthermore, the interface of the calculator is user-friendly, so even a first-time user will not face any issues using it.